Dear St John’s Community,

Please read the following information regarding driver safety and important reminders regarding the use of the Kiss & Drop areas around our school.

Please do not park your car in the Kiss & Drop areas around our school.

 A helpful hint: don’t forget that a teacher is on duty at the gate till 3:30pm so if you would like to beat the 3:10pm rush organise with your child to wait with the teacher at the gate and pick them up a little later at 3:20pm when most of the traffic has gone.

We appreciate our families helping to keep us all safe.

When you are driving, you should always be able to see everything that is happening on the road. You need to be able to ‘scan’ or ‘read’ the road – not just looking ahead but continually moving your eyes and taking sweeping looks at all areas of the road, both close to your vehicle and further down the road. Be aware of what is behind you, as well. Use your mirrors at frequent intervals so that you know what other road users are doing and can anticipate their actions.

Be aware of where your vehicle is in relation to the road and to other vehicles and road users.

Watch out for people or anything that is moving or could move, and be ready to take action. Make extra allowance for children, parents with babies, the frail or elderly who may not be able to move quickly.

When you are driving near parked vehicles, you should look out for pedestrians, especially children, who may step out onto the road.

Children are small and can be unpredictable, so be sure to look around and watch out for them. This could save a child’s life.